About us

plante. is a ‘slow’ plant shop located in the heart of Budapest, a tiny green spot in the big urban jungle, a little island of tranquility in Madách tér.

At plante. we truly believe that there is a ‘right houseplant’ for everyone: whether you are a beginner or an advanced plant enthusiast, looking for something easy to care for or a rarity, passionate about geometric patterns or single colour leaves, searching for a fast or slow-growing plant: whether you have a bright or shady apartment, live alone or with a pet, we have a tip for you!

plante. is the first plant shop in Budapest where you can find not only plants but all related accessories for potted plants, such as plant pot covers, macramé, liquid plant food, secateurs, watering cans, soil for repotting and books about plant care – all in neat, timeless, natural “plante.” style, in one place. We help you with advice and descriptions, and you can even put questions to our gardener online, if you need a specific plant care tip. You can participate in our workshops, and be a member of our community of plant enthusiasts, physically or online. If you don’t live nearby, you can also order from our webshop.

plante. is a mission. We want to make as many apartments as possible turn into real homes with the help of plants, and want to get lots of plant admirers to become plant mums and dads over time. We want you to love plants, too. Because they are miraculous. Because they are living creatures, for whom we are responsible. Who help to make the Earth a better place: houseplants will make our air cleaner, our mood better, our blood pressure lower; we work more effectively and smile more in an environment where there are plants.

What we’re trying to say is that plants are our friends.

Kata Tóth, the founder of plante.

I'm a plant lover!

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