Plante. is not just a plant shop: in addition to the green beauties, we also collect, select and offer you functional design objects that fit into your home perfectly and make your living room or bedroom more cozy. These are objects which we are in love with and can’t wait to touch, to hold in our hands. Because they are not only functional and lovely, but also timeless. Choose now from our pots, candle and incense holders, and brighten up your home with handmade ceramics that will be your favorites!  All objects are eternal pieces that tell you stories and even make you start a cloudy Monday morning inspired.

If you vowed to live more consciously this year, if you’d like to rethink what kind of objects you are surrounding yourself with, if you feel you need a little change in the mood of your apartment, take the first step now! As part of our campaign, which runs from 10 to 16 January, you can get our EARTH pots (EARTH by Plante.) and ceramic candle and incense holders made by Zsiga Reni (Donna) at a discounted price!

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