Borago seeds, blue and white flowered


Borage, also known as star flower, is an edible ornamental and medicinal herb that has also occupied the most famous herbal researchers in history. According to tradition, adding borage leaves and petals to wine will make men and women glad and merry and drives away all sadness, dullness and melancholy. It is popularly used to garnish cocktails, such as the gin-based Pimm’s Cup, but its tea is also great for relieving hangovers. The taste of the fresh leaves of borage is similar to that of cucumber, which is why it is also called cucumber grass.

The package contains 50 seeds. Indoor sowing: February – March, outdoor sowing: April – June. Choose a sunny or partial shade place for it. Attracts bees and butterflies. Its young and tender leaves and petals should be picked on cool mornings.

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