Greek Oregano seeds


Greek Oregano is a subspecies of common oregano, with a much stronger flavour and fragrance. Graced with beautiful white flowers, Greek Oregano is said to have been invented by the Grecian goddess of love, Aphrodite herself! This myth led to the Greek tradition of crowning newly married couples with wreaths of the herb. The term ‘oregano’ can be translated loosely from Greek as ‘joy of the mountains’, a fitting name for a plant found in the naturally rocky habitat of its homeland. Over the centuries, culinary and medicinal uses of oregano spread from Europe to China via the ‘spice road’, before reaching the New World thanks to the American soldiers who discovered it during the Italian Campaign.

The package contains 1000 seeds. Indoor sowing: February-March, outdoor sowing: April-June. Choose a sunny place. Attracts bees and butterflies. Before consumption, pinch the small branches and leaves from the plant. To achieve the optimal effect, the leaves should be harvested just before the plant blooms. Although Italians still debate whether oregano should be added to pizza or not, we think it goes great with many tomato-based dishes, including pizza, and it is also acting against bacteria, viruses and fungi.

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