METAL Essential Oil Blend


Consider water as a symbol of wisdom: the serene ebb and the unhindered flow, providing us with moments to pause, regroup, and gather strength, showcasing our ability to adapt.

Recall standing in the rain? Gentle drops from abrupt storms touching the ground, the earthy fragrance of petrichor wafting upwards. It evokes a sensation as if time is momentarily suspended, and everything becomes new, pristine, and rejuvenated. Scent profile: Wood, Citrus, Metal, Pepper
Ingredients: Cupressus Funebris oil (Cedarwood), Pimenta Racemosa leaf oil (Bay Leaf), Cinnamomum Camphora bark oil (Camphor), Vetiveria Zizanoides root oil (Vetiver), Schinus Molle oil (Pink pepper), Citrus Nobilis peel oil (Mandarin), Amyris Balsamifera oil (Sandalwood), Citrus Aurantifolia peel oil (Lime), Myrocarpus Fastigiatus oil (Cabreuva)
An interpretation of the Metal element using only natural essential oils, this scent does differ from its candle form.
Size: 20ml Homework is a lifestyle store inspired by traditional Chinese medicine and the healing power of nature. They create their own line of natural skincare and toxin-free home fragrances, all handmade in small batches at their East London workshop. The products are crafted using only natural or toxin-free ingredients and are minimally packaged in eco-friendly materials. The packaging is recyclable and biodegradable. The candles, hand-poured in London using solar power, can be infinitely recycled.

100% natural essential oil. Glass bottles made in the EU. All of our products are non-GM, palm-free and vegan. All of our packaging is 100% recyclable and FSC certified. We donate at least 1% of all sales to environmental charities and causes.

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