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Sansevieria Hanhnii

Dwarf Snake Plant, hanhnii


It is a very popular, easy to care for, undemanding and showy houseplant. It also tolerates poor conditions well. It also thrives in an office and a drier environment. According to NASA research, it is a very effective air purifying plant, which removes formaldehyde and nitrogen oxides from the air while absorbing carbon dioxide.

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Air purifying

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This undemanding plant enjoys bright, partially shaded spots, but will adapt to low light conditions, too.


It is enough to water it every 2-3 weeks. Always allow the soil to dry out between waterings.


It is a very effective plant for purifying the air.


It hails from South and Central Africa, and has conquered the whole world as a houseplant. It is popular for both its undemanding nature and eye-catching beauty. Its African origin gives the answer to one of its very important properties: unlike most plants, it does not release oxygen produced during carbon absorption during the day but at night, when its stomata are open. This is because, in warm desert areas with very little rainfall, it can also reduce the rate of evaporation. It is a good choice even for your bedroom, as it provides a constant supply of fresh oxygen at night.

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